Market Research Report of the Volkswagen Golf Vi.

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Marketing Home assignment
Market research

Market research report of the Volkswagen Golf VI.


Table of contents

Table of contents2
Market research4
Defining the problem and research objectives4
Developing the research plan for collecting information5
Implementing the plan, collecting and analyzing data7
Interpreting and reporting the findings8
Conclusion what the market research tell us8
The application part of the Market Research9
Application the theory part for this situation9
Analyzing and reporting the findings11


Our company, Car Market Research Ltd. is a market research company. This company was founded four years ago in Budapest. The main objectives of this firm are to make well designed and understandable market researches for car distributors like Toyota, BMW and Mercedes. In the past we have received several orders form this companies to make a market research about their products. Our new customer is the Volkswagen AG Germany, who asked us to create a market research for their new car model, which is the Golf VI. They would like to lunch this car on the Hungarian market in 2007. “Volkswagen AG, or VW, is an automobile manufacturer based in Wolfsburg, Germany. It forms the core of Volkswagen Group, one of the world's four largest car producers. In Western Europe, the largest car market in the world, nearly every fifth new car (18.9 percent) comes from the Volkswagen Group.”( The Group operates 44 production plants in eleven European countries and a further seven countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Around the world, nearly 345,000 employees produce over 21,500 vehicles or are involved in vehicle-related services on every working day. The Volkswagen Group sells its vehicles in more than 150 countries. One of these countries is Hungary. From past market researches they expect better selling with the new model. The Golf series was very popular and it is still popular across the world. VW has now seven types of Golf. The first was built in 1974, named Golf I. The Golf has been an exceptional model of VW because it named a car type. You can hear usually that this car is a Golf type car. The newest model is the Golf VI, which is a well designed car and it targets the younger generation as the company said. Moreover you can buy it only in a coupe style. As we can see the basic equipment of the car, we can assume that this car will provide a competition for other automobile manufacturers

In the first part of this report I will talk about the theory of the market research. The report is built on the theory part, so the application part will accord to that.

Market research


First of all I would like to define the notion of market research. Market research is the systematic design, collection, analyzing and reporting of data and finding relevant to specific marketing situation facing the company. According to Kotler market research is the function that links the customer, the consumer and the public with the marketer trough information. The key benefit of the market research is to help businesses better understand their customers. In this way businesses can more effectively target resources at particular groups or better understanding their purchasing patterns. Moreover the market research can help in development of new products and services. The market research has four steps:

1st: Defining the problem and research objectives
2nd: Developing a research plan
3rd: Implementing the plan, collecting and analyzing data 4th: Interpreting data, reporting the findings

Defining the problem and research objectives

It often seems to be the hardest step in the market research process. The marketing manager and the market researcher work together. The company’s marketing manager has an important role in the...
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