Market Research Proposal for Friskies Go-Cat

Topics: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Focus group Pages: 13 (3529 words) Published: September 25, 2005

Covering Letter2
Executive Summary3
1 Introduction4
2 Background4
3 Research Purpose ¨C Management Decision Problem4
4 Marketing Problem and Research Objectives5
5 Management Decision Criteria8
6 Research Design Rationale8
7 Research Design9
8 Field Work10
9 Data Analysis11
10 Reporting13
11 Materials Required13
12 Cost13
13 Contractual Requirements14
14 Timing14
15 Accreditation14
16 Project Management14



To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for your bidding invitation. We are honoured to receive your invitation and very glad to accept it. We desire to be awarded the market research project, and we are confident to win it in the bidding.

As a professional market research company, we have pursued market research for more than fifty years. In these days, a large number of market research projects have been successfully planned and executed. Every time, our projects were satisfied by clients and won excellent appraise and evaluation. One out of two companies planning to do market research, will award us the project. We are proud of our histories.

Now a day, we only employ experienced experts with rich knowledge. This keeps the highest evaluation and most clients for our company. During the process of market research, every field worker will receive a special professional training. All the small part of the project will be under charged by department managers and directors, and reported to the CEO for every progress.

Please believe in us and look trust our profound background and rich experience. We are going to pay back a miracle, only if you offer us a chance.

Yours truly,

Market Research Company

April 2005

Friskies Go-Cat has already covered the entire distribution channel, however the market share declines every year and lost the first position on market. The CEO urged to reverse the declining tendency for Friskies Go-Cat. To enlarge market share and boost the sales figure, a market research is proposed. It is expected to get feedback what consumers need and what we should do.

The market research is going to be allocated to a market research company. To choose the research company, several companies are invited for bidding. The bidding information is sent accompanied with an invitation. Information of Friskies Go-Cat and the dry cat food market are included in the proposal. After accepting the invitation and getting this proposal, one week¡¯s preparation is suggested. The research contract will go to a company who offers the best plan and solution at a reasonable price.

This proposal explains the management and marketing problem in details, as well as the research design. In the part of research design, a theoretical framework is built for purchase of dry cat food. This framework is based on a convenience focus group research of twelve consumers. From this the focus group research, some problems were discovered. Those problems are supposed to be clarified in the market research report in future together with some suggestions and advices. Requirements for the proposed market research are listed at the end of this proposal. Last by not least, our questionnaire for the convenience focus group research is attached in the appendices.

To improve the sales figure and market share of Friskies Go-Cat, a market research is required. This proposal is to explain how we are going to conduct the market research for Friskies Go-Cat. The proposed research will assist get feedback on what consumers expect and want. This proposal also follows the research brief of Friskies Go-Cat, indicate how the research will determine market problems and develop possible solutions to the problem. This proposal will...

According to the statistic, the complete pet food market increased at a steady speed (IBIS World, 2004), and the grocery value in creased by 3.2% (Retail World, Dec 2004)
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