Market Research on Pizza

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Market Research for Pizza
What is a primary source?
It is when an entrepreneur wants to collect detailed, precise information about the market for a particular purpose of having people’s opinions on products (or his product specifically). Methods
As an entrepreneur going to collect some useful information about people’s opinions I am going to use these methods: * Going to use face-face method to collect information. And my questions are: I. What their favourite type of pizza is

II. How they eat pizza? (1nce a week, twice a week, thrice a week, 1nce in 2 weeks? etc.) III. How much they’re willing to spend on pizza
IV. Favourite pizza spot
V. What they drink with pizza
VI. The kind of advertisements they like

* Observation method
* Focus Groups
* Through telephone

Why I Chose these Methods
* Face to face interviews makes an entrepreneur get more opinions of people because sometimes people do not answer questionnaires truthfully * Observing the society is very good too because it’ll enable one 2 see how often people use that particular product * It enables an entrepreneur to get qualitative information * Used telephone so that I would be able to call those that usually come here for their holidays

What is a secondary source?
It is when the entrepreneur collects facts and uses it for his business’s benefits. Entrepreneurs usually do that so that they would be able to know the market more. Sources
* Will go online and collect facts about the market. Sites like I. II.
* Business Studies Textbook

Why I Chose These Methods
* To get quantitative information about the market
* To get facts about the product
* To see what I must do to get a successful business
* And I chose the internet...
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