Market Research on Chutney

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Research on the chutney industry

* Study of salad accompaniment (2007) revealed that Mayonnaise and salad cream compete with pickles, chutney and relish as meal accompaniments and as sandwich ingredients. Ethnic products such as mango chutney, premium products such as organic beetroot and relish that are marketed as essential barbecue components are growing in popularity. There is a good opportunity for salad accompaniments to step into the breach with innovation in flavours that satisfy consumer demand for exotic flavours to brighten up mealtimes. * Mintel (2009) has researched into attitudes towards food preparation and found an increase of people that want to try new recipes 7 points between 2005 and 2009 Rising concerns about obesity have put the spotlight on the nation’s diet as never before. Not only confined to adults, obesity rates are set to increase among both boys and girls if current trends continue, with more than one in five girls forecast to be classified as obese by 2010. This has serious implications for their future health. * The English provender company EPC is rolling out a new product range and packaging, based on the theme of natural ingredients. ‘The launch will include seven chutney made using the traditional open-pan cooling method. There will be four new flavours, including Hot Chilli & red pepper chutney and Moroccan spiced chutney and new recipes for three existing flavours including ploughman’s plum chutney and caramelised red onion chutney.’ The range will retain its trademark square jar but new clear labels will allow consumers to see the natural colour and texture of the products. The use of script typeface will give an artisan feel to the range, while tamper tags will carry serving suggestions and natural ingredients will be stamped around the lid. ‘our research revealed a growing demand for products that taste as good as home-made using natural ingredients and traditional cooking methods’ says marketing director Grahame Wright. We’re filling a gap in the premium mainstream market’ EPC says the £31M chutney category has grown by 4% in the past 12 months and is targeting Christmas shoppers. * In July 2007 marketing director Kerr Arthur said that ‘consumer tastes are becoming ever more sophisticated. People are beginning to look beyond classic flavours and are also using the products in different ways such as for sandwich filling, dip and barbecue ingredients.’ ‘Whit this in mind we decided to extend our range of speciality chutneys and have developed these tasty new recipes to make al fresco dining more memorable this summer’ ( fire-roasted pepper chutney with capers and sweet caramelised onion chutney with orange)

* Ribblesdalecheese (2011) have done a small tasting session on their chutneys and had a small questionnaire for their subjects. These are the results that they * 1) How do you rate it out of 10?

* 2) Would you change anything?
* 3) Would you eat it with cheese?
* 4) Would you buy it?
Results of the Men Tasters|  |  |  |  |  |
 | Rank|  | Type| Total score| Average Score|  |
1| Tomato & Chilli| Spicy| 145|  | 8.0|  |
2| Sweet Chilli| Hot| 149|  | 7.9|  |
3| Red onion marmalade| Savoury| 111|  | 7.8|  |
4| Onion 1|  | Savoury| 79|  | 7.3|  |
4| Spicy Onion| Spicy| 82|  | 7.3|  |
4| Spiced Apple| Sweet| 67|  | 7.3|  |
4| Piccalilli|  | Spicy| 66|  | 7.3|  |
4| Apple 1|  | Sweet| 55|  | 7.3|  |
5| Pineapple|  | Sweet/Spicy| 66|  | 6.8|  |
5| Banana|  | Spicy| 66|  | 6.8|  |
6| Pear & Apricot| Sweet| 66|  | 6.7|  |
7| Apple 2|  | Sweet| 51|  | 6.1|  |
8| Tomato 2|  | Savoury| 36|  | 6.0|  |
‘This is quite interesting, because if  you take the top five chutneys, then men prefer savory chutneys, and preferably a little spicy and hot.  The sweeter chutneys appear at the lower end of the table.  So...

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