Market Research of Electrolux

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Comparative Analysis and Market Research of Electrolux

A report submitted towards the partial fulfillment of the requirements of the two years full-time post Graduate Diploma in (Business) Management.



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Theoretical study is incomplete without the practical knowledge, now a day’s theory without practical is of no use. No doubt theory provides examines the elements of truth lying in the theory. To achieve this purpose, I have done a project on Electrolux India Pvt. Ltd. Delhi. During the project of 15 days, I have been trained to know how to find out

1.The changes in market.
2.Changes in customer’s behavior.
3.Changes in companies with change in customer’s behavior.

Having Marketing specialization we have studied that marketing is the business function that identifies current unfulfilled needs and wants, design and measured their magnitude, determines which target markets, the organizations can best serve and decides on appropriate products, services and programmed to serve there markets. While going through this report, the reader can understand and estimate what and how much I have learned through my practical experience with Electrolux India Pvt. Ltd.


Exchange of ideas generates a new object, which helps a person to work in a better way. When a person is helped and co-opted by others, his heart is found to pay gratitude and commutative appreciation. This report bears the imprint of many people for this I first express my deep sense of gratitude to our Director, who has been the constant source of inspiration to us. I express my profound sense of gratitude to my guide Ms.Shyama Labh, for all the encouragement and inspiration given to me during the preparation of this report and having made valuable critical comment of it. I would be failing from my duty if I do not express my gratitude to all Faculty members, for all the encouragement and inspiration given to me during the preparation of project report and for there valuable teaching and guidance throughout. I cannot express my gratitude in words to Mr. Ananda Chakraborty, branch head, Electrolux India Pvt. Ltd. I am highly indebted to him for his interest shown in my project. Last but not least I am indebted to office staff of the company for their assistance. To all those people and to those unmentioned my heart felt thanks.


The objective of the project was to find out the different sales promotional strategies in Electronics industry. Electronics industry got the research carried out to find what the current trends are in the market and what the competitors’ playing. Also, market share of different player of the electronics industry was to be found and the recommendations to increase the market share for each individual player of electronics industry globally were to be given. The purpose of the study is to find out the market potential of different electronics player compared to other industry. Specifically, the research objectives are to: • Gauge the consumer sentiment on the various sales promotional strategies provided by the various electronics industry players. • Identify areas of improvement on the various services provided by the industry. • Determine the type of promotional strategies needed by the consumers. • Identify the important and attractive attributes in services to retain the existing consumers. • Determine the type of selling parameters most popular with the consumer. • Identify the important characteristics that make the electronics company attractive to buy their product. • Gather and analyze the future aspirations of the customers with respect to the electronics. • Rank...
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