Market Research: Improvement of Ben and Jerry's Services

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Ben and jerry’s ice cream|
Service Delivery System Analysis|
Service Marketing MKTG 3040|

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1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. Moment of Truth
3.1 Visits to Ben & Jerry’s
3.2 Service Delivery system
3.3 Potential bottlenecks
3.4 Blueprint

4. Positioning map
4.1 Marketing mix for service
4.2 Flower of service
4.3 Visits to competitors

5. Revised Blueprint
5.1 Gap model of service quality
5.2 Service recovery

6. Conclusion

7. Recommendations

8. References

9. Appendix

1. Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to critically discuss the ways that Ben & Jerry’s should made improvement on their service. It is by analyzing the different marketing theories and evaluating the service delivery system in order to attain service excellence culture in the Organization. The three marketing theories that were used are gap model of service quality, flower of service model, blueprint and marketing mix.

2. Introduction:
Ben & Jerry’s is in the food and beverages industry. They started manufacturing homemade ice cream thirty years ago and opened their first shop in 1978 at Burlington, Vermont in a renovated gas station building. They started producing all the rich, creamy and chunky ice cream flavours that is filled with fruit chunks, nuts, cookies and candies. It was so popular, that till today they have expanded their business to more than 500 scoop shops in 22 countries around the world. They are continuously churning out unique flavours of ice cream for sale. Ben & Jerry’s is a good advocate of social and environmental activism. They support economic justice and strive to create economic opportunities to close the gap between the rich and poor. They use safe methods of producing food, reduce wastage during food production. They also help to generate income for rural communities and farmers. Their 3 part mission statement includes:-

Social Mission - Innovate ways that improves the quality of life in society both locally and internationally (Richards, D. n.d.). Product Mission - Committed to selling the best quality, wholesome ice cream with natural ingredients produce in ethical business practices that will not cause harm to the environment (Richards, D. n.d.). Economic Mission - Sustain profitable growth and increase stakeholders’ value and expand prospects for development and growth for the employees. While seeking to achieve their mission to its desired competitive position in the marketplace, it holds a deep respect for both their employees and communities they are a part in (Richards, D. n.d.).

3. Moment of Truth
In order to attain accurate results, we chose to visit Ben & Jerry’s outlet located at The Cathay on two occasions during the lunch hour, which is supposed to be the peak hour. This way, we are able to prove the consistency and standards of the services provided at the same branch. As youngsters, we tend to be impatient and dislike long waiting time. We were disappointed that we had to wait for almost 10 minutes for the ice cream to be served despite there were very few customers.

3.1 Visits to Ben & Jerry’s
It was 21st of June 2012 when we visited Ben & Jerry’s ice cream outlet at The Cathay. From the entrance, we could hear soft music playing in the background. We went in and got ourselves a table. No service was rendered at the door or at the table. We walked to the counter and decided to order the Double Belgian Waffle which consists of a piping hot waffle with two big scoops of ice creams of our preferred choice laced with maple syrup and sprinkled with chocolate flakes. It comes as a set meal with a glass of root beer float. It was delicious and filling. We noticed that there was only one staff in the outlet. She had to...

References: 4. Positioning Map (Refer to Appendix 4)
Positioning map allows organization to compare themselves against their competitors and identify their respective position in the map (Lovelock, C, H., Patterson, P, G., and Wirtz, J., 2011).
-Physical Evidence and Servicescape
A servicescape is to cultivate a concept where the physical environment makes an impact on a service process (Booms and Bitner, 1981)
4.2 Flower of Service (Refer to Appendix 2)
The core service product is ‘what’ the customer is fundamentally buying (Lovelock, C, H., Patterson, P, G., and Wirtz, J., 2011).
Facilitating services:
It may be needed for the use of core product or are essential for delivery of service (Lovelock, C, H., Patterson, P, G., and Wirtz, J., 2011).
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