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Topics: Health, Nutrition, Probiotic Pages: 3 (614 words) Published: February 19, 2014
15) From a healthy diet to a balanced lifestyle
Neilsen. From a Healthy Diet to a Balanced Lifestyle. September 13, 2005. (accessed September 29, 2013).

Two studies have been conducted by AC Nielsen Research Singapore to gauge the health consciousness of citizens of Singapore by monitoring their efforts to stay healthy through their daily food intake and their exercise habits. It's found that Singaporeans are diet conscious people with a majority of them who are consciously trying to eat healthily with most going for the choice of steamed food.

These findings proved that the increasing trend of people in Singapore being more health conscience would therefore increase the sale of Yakult as Yakult's drink are design to help consumer's digestion system which improves overall health of an individual. Rating: 4/5

16) Environmentally friendly container designed for renewed ‘Yakult Joa’ Yakult Honsha. Environmentally friendly container designed for renewed ‘Yakult Joa’ - Japan. (accessed September 29, 2013).

With the renewal of Yakult design in October 2008, Yakult have changed its container design by having to apply polystyrene instead of aluminum to the caps of the bottle. These would make the entire container all plastic which is considered to be environmentally friendly

With this higher recyclability of the container achieved, the impression created for consumer would be that Yakult is a social responsible corporation and these could enhance the brand image which may potentially help the company gain more customer loyalty, especially those environmentally sensitive people.

Rating: 4/5
17) Nitrogen removal using recycled polystyrene bottles as biofilm media Metals and Materials International. "Nitrogen removal using recycled polystyrene bottles as biofilm media." CiteULike. March 1, 2004....
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