Market Research

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Mumbai SecA2B1, Dove Dual Users Cassette 1 -- Side A.

M: If you would like to say something like that.

R: No.

M: Let start with introduction, tell me about yourself?

R: My name Deepali. I am a housewife and I have one daughter.

M: So you stay close by… where you stay?

R: Yes, Santacruz.

M: And what about you?

R: Hi. I am Disha, I am in nuclear family and I am a housewife.

M: What is your husband doing?

R: He is working in bank, HDFC bank.

M: Okay.

R: Hi, myself Ruby Wansang, I leave with my children.

M: Okay.

R: My name is Deepti, I am living in a joint family and I am a housewife.

M: Do you children’s?

R: Yes. I have two kids. One is small and other one go to school, she is in first standard.

M: Okay.

R: My name is Geeta and I am from joint family and I have two kids.

M: Do they go to school?

R: Yes. One is in fifth and one is in fourth standard.

M: Okay.

R: Hi, I am Tina, stay with join family, I have one son.

M: What are your hobbies?

R: Listening music, shopping, watching TV.

M: Okay.

R: Myself Monika, I have two kids, and I stay in a joint family.

M: How old are your kids?

R: One is 10 year old and one is 8 year old.

M: Okay.

R: Myself Aarti, I am living with joint family and I have two kids. One is going to play school and other one is in third standard.

M: Okay. Let’s now begin with the discussion; did you all know personal care products?

R: Yes.

M: After listening, “to care of yourself”, what comes in your mind first?

R: Cream.

R: Sunscreen.

R: Perfume.

R: Moisturizer.

R: Shampoo.

R: Soap.

M: Okay. Other then that?

R: Face wash.

M: After listening to word “Personal”, what all words come into mind?

R: Skin care.

R: Hair care.

M: Okay. So you said moisturizer, skin care, sunscreen and what else?

R: Face wash.

M: What else?

R: Shampoo.

R: Conditioner.

R: Soap.

R: Scrub.

M: Scrub and what else?

R: Face pack.

M: What are the brand names you people say, to take of yourself?

R: Lakme.

R: L'Oreal, Garnier, Avon, Revlon.

R: Ponds.

R: Revlon.

R: Dove.

M: Ponds, Avon, Dove?

R: Revlon.

M: Other then that?

R: Sunsilk.

M: What all products do you know?

R: Pantene.

R: Pears.

M: Is there any brand related to face wash?

R: Johnson & Johnson.

R: L'Oreal.

R: Ponds.

R: Lakme with strawberry one.

M: Other then that, someone said about soaps, what are the brands in soaps?

R: Dove.

R: Cinthol.

R: Pears.

R: Lux, Nivea.

R: Dettol, Savlon.

M: And you said about the conditioners also, what are they?

R: Garnier, Avlon.

R: Sunsilk.

R: Pantene.

R: Dove.

R: Revlon.

M: What are the types of brands in shampoo?

R: Dove.

R: Sunsilk.

R: Pantene.

R: Garnier.

M: Okay. I have four buckets, okay, this one which I am using now at present and this one now which I am going to use, though it is not my brand, that mean if I am not getting my brand then I can use this one, okay and this one I will not use this brand and this one is the brand which I like the most. Means I am using this one or not it doesn’t relate to anything but I thought this brand is good one, okay this four, I got four buckets, now just tell me fast, brands which you have told me will go in to which buckets. Okay, you said Johnson & Johnson this will go in which buckets. Is that you are using currently?

R: Yes. I am using it.

M: So you are using it, which product you are using?

R: Face wash.

M: Is there anybody who are using this?

R: No. The children are using this products; they prefer they will use that.

M: Okay. But now I am talking only about you? Okay, so you are saying that you are using the face wash and for all others where it will go?

R: Good brands.

R: We use it or not, but it is a good brand.

M: Okay, and what about Lakme where it will go?

R: Good product.

R: We are using Lakme,...
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