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Topics: World, Time, Problem solving Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: May 21, 2014
The Market; mankind’s hidden weakness?

It is interesting to look back on the history of mankind and see how we have created a system in which we have become solely dependent on the market place for our very survival. Nowadays we can easily describe the market place as the modern mans hunting grounds for food clothing and pretty much anything he can think of. We have made it very easy for ourselves to get what we want as long as we can afford it, however I cannot help but wonder what would happen if god forbid something where to happen that would disrupt this system that is currently in place. The consequences are evident all around us whether we acknowledge them or not. It is a fact that there is a large population that estimates to around 870 million people in this world that is living and dying under the poverty line, as a result of inaccessibility and lack of funding to use the market for resources. This is a reality that is overlooked many times by society and has presented a problem that has no known solution at this point in time, at the expense of millions of people all over the world. We are very fortunate to be able to go about our daily lives the way that we do, without a doubt that we can access almost anything via the market with great ease. This however leaves us very vulnerable on a natural aspect, we cannot survive without the market, we simply do not know how to.

It is believed that by solving the issue of poverty we can also secure our future concerning accessibility and individual use of resources, at the same time. There are enough resources in this world for everyone, we just need to create a market, different from our own, that is less exclusive and more people friendly to those less fortunate than ourselves and expand it to be accessible to those in need. As a matter of fact we cannot afford not to solve this problem at hand because society cannot be stable unless everyone has their basic human necessities. Even these basic...
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