Market Intelligence at McDonald’s

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Essay 1: Market Intelligence at McDonald’s3



People and Processes5

Essay 2: Tassimo On-Demand Coffee Maker6

Target Segments for Tassimo6

Strategic Position and New Value Proposition for Tassimo7

Essay 3: Influencing Car Purchase9

Consumer Decision Making Process for Luxury Car-2009

Tactics for Luxury Car Dealers11


Essay 1: Market Intelligence at McDonald’s

Market intelligence is a process of providing valuable and relevant information to company regarding the prevailing condition of the market. In order to cater the market, it is very necessary to understand the market trends like clanging behavior of consumers, competitors’ movements etc. Therefore, each marketer needs proper information through an extensive analysis. McDonald’s is in fast food retail industry, and there have been significant changes in market behaviors as consumers’ preference, their economic condition are changing constantly with increasing number of new entrants. In the process of market intelligence for McDonald, there are three major areas that must be taken into consideration and these areas are ‘information’, ‘communication’ and ‘people and processes’. Each of these areas is explained below figuring out two major questions for each.


There is a significant relationship between the market intelligence and marketing research and information is the factor that relates market intelligence and marketing research. In order to conduct accurate and relevant marketing research, marketing intelligence plays very crucial role by providing necessary information. However, McDonald must determine that what information it needs. In this process, there are two major questions relating to sources of information i.e. (1) What are the internal information sources? And (2) what are the external information sources?

The external sources of information must include necessary data relating to the key competitors and target consumers. McDonald must access the relevant published sources to analysis the key strengths, weaknesses and market share of its competitors. This external information must be able to indicate the recent development taken place in the market and in competitors. The consumers’ changing behavior also needs to be identified using the sources of external information. On the other hand, internal sources of information are also very crucial in the process of the marketing research. However, obtaining such information is easier task for McDonald’s as it needs to coordinate with its cross-functional departments. In this process, McDonald’s must carry out data base analysis to understand the up-sale and cross-sale opportunities and to indentify the new potential consumer group.


Communication is another major aspect in market intelligence. The primary difference between the market intelligence and marketing research is the basic communicational process. In market intelligence, there is better communication between the decision makers and market intelligence analysts. On the other hand, communication is necessary for gathering and disseminating external and internal information. However, in market intelligence, the most two important questions relating to communication are ‘how to develop better communication for gathering information?’ and ‘how to develop communication for decision making?’

For gathering information external and internal information, better communication is very necessary. McDonald must implement IT systems like RFID and SAP for developing interference free data gathering. It helps to build a flawless and continuous communication system (Koster and Muñoz, 2009, p.358). For better decision making process using the market intelligence process ‘two-way communication’ is an effective method. In order to develop two-way communication, the McDonald’s must focus on...
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