Market Entry

Topics: China, Investment, People's Republic of China Pages: 6 (2038 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Choosing the best route to market entry is to strategically maximise sales and also understanding of market (customer).The direct mode of entry to the beinjing(china) market would be better because there are vast majority of agents ,distributors and wholesalers in the Beijing market . Beijing's total population has topped 17.4 million, including just over 12 million official residents in the household register and 5.4 million in the floating population, said Zhang Yunli, Assistant Director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning at a population forum held in Fengtai District . Downtown Beijing is more crowded than the suburbs, with the population density of the capital center four times that of the immediate suburbs and sixty times that of the outer suburbs, said Zhang.The population in Beijing is predicted to maintain this upward trend over the next five to ten years.this shows that the market size is favourable for the product to be introduce . Based on CANADA and CHINA are signatory to WTO the rules of trade applies therein The selling of my product can be through various outlet but selling it to a distributor in the beinjing market can be of immence success because these distributor knows the market more than me they have researched the market and they have reliable customer networking system that’s the reason why a choose a renouned distribution to help in the selling of my maple syrup product and be able to break even with the market. First ,am going to know which distributor to contact that has reputable business infrastructure in china for me to do business with also I will visit the Chinese consulate in Canada and the embassy this will be my first point of call for me to have a handy and vital information about all successful distributor for me to pick which of them I can do business with ,after picking the right one and all term of trade are agreed between us then shipping of my product proceeds after I have cleared my domestic customs and paying of taxes and meeting all the right specifications set by the food and drug ministy. However , 130 of China's 2,000 ports are open to foreign ships. The major ports, including river ports accessible by ocean-going ships,Beijing the capital of the city of china has highly developed transport system they have four suffisticated railway stations and lots of long distance buses . Shipping by bulk the maple syrup into china would be better because it cost less than air transportation also when they are place in bottles inside a container for shipping ,it is risky because the bottles can be broken during export . The least logistical cost of pricing at the final stage of sell of my product is what I want to obtain. My distributor will be responsible for local tariffs ,customs procedures and all regulatory issues, a warehouse close to the sea port is required so that I shouldnt pay more on transportation from the port to the warehouse ,re–bottling and packaging of my product would be done in the warehouse. My distributor is my partner in the china market advising me on how to modify my said product to fit into the china market and because the distributors is familiar with the targeted market and my distributor is in the best position to overcome many market infrastructural barriers which is unknown to him

CUSTOMERS BARRIER Customer barrier is one of the major block of entries into china market and this affects the success of a new product entering into Beijing market . PRODUCT FAMILIARITY Global retail sales of processed food continue to grow, regardless of broader economic concerns as more consumers look for...

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