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Marketing Plan for American Asian International Inc.

Prepared for Professor Myers
BUS 560 Seminar in Marketing Management

Meng Wang
Haotian Chen
Yu Tian
Honglei Zhang

College of Business and Public Management
Department of Business Administration

Table of content
1. Company Description------------------------------------------------------------3 2. Business Mission------------------------------------------------------------------3 3. Marketing Objectives------------------------------------------------------------3 4. Situation Analysis--------------------------------------------------------------4-5 4.1-Industry Analysis

4.2-SWOT Analysis
5. Marketing Strategy------------------------------------------------------------5-6 5.1-Target Market Strategy
5.2 -Marketing Mix Strategies
6. Implementation, Evaluation, and Control--------------------------------6-7 6.1-Marketing Research
6.2-Organizational Structure and Plan
6.3-Financial Projects

Company Description
American-Asia Solar Corporation is an expert in solar thermal water heating systems, which is a non-profit organization. The company registered in December 2002 and is located in Montclair, California. Now, the main sales location is in California. The company has about 50 employees. The company is mainly selling solar collectors, stainless steel pipes, and stainless steel water tanks. Their solar products focus on factories, supermarkets, catering industry, hotels, hospitals, schools, apartments, washing industry, fitness centers and farms. Currently, America-Asia International Inc is a new company, however, after-sales service can make this company relatively competitive, for example, compared with other brands, the firm provides a 10 year product warranty from installation, offer free replacement parts in the first 5 years and labor in the first 10 years, and apply for the city permits and the CSI incentive after signing the contract.(“America-Asia solar corporation”,2014) Business Mission

Since the company is doing solar energy business, the mission is below: Promote green living, create a green home. Consciously advocate the good habits of energy conservation, environmental protection to the whole society. Solar energy is an inexhaustible green energy which is clean, pollution-free. America-Asia International Inc conforms to the trend of social development, uphold and promote environmental protection, maintaining the spirit of sustainable development of the Earth's civilization, and fully committed to the development of solar energy career. Solar products can absorb the solar sunlight and converting it into electrical energy and heat energy for human life and industry production. Marketing Objectives

The marketing objective is to making the company get a better understanding of the development of the industry and their competitors, and then the company can adjust marketing strategy to increase sales by 25% more in next fiscal year. Industry Analysis

Key Issues:
1. Toppling Energy Prices 
When the price of oil and gas goes down, it will be a challenge to solar energy industry. 2. The Credit Crunch 
People who plan to pay for a solar system by using a home equity loan may be denied. (Lozanova, 2008) 3. High Price
It is expensive for a family to install solar panels systems. These systems used fixed solar panels since alignment systems, which is too expensive for the average homeowner. 4. Maintenance is Expensive.

Maintenance costs are high because solar panels must be kept clean and clear of debris. Their efficiency will drop drastically even only part of it is blocked by a leaf or something else. 5. Rely on Sunshine.

Energy production only takes place when the sun is...

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