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For 50 years since it was founded {In the 50 years since it was founded}, Bose is dedicated to developing better products based on extensive research. Pursuing major advancements and following technological trends has always been the lifeblood of the company. (The pursuit of major advancements and focus on technological trends has always been the lifeblood of the company.) As a result, it has gained huge profits and also a significant reputation without a investing a lot in advertisement. ( lots of investment on advertising campaign.) However, when entering the relatively new market in Asia Pacific region, the lack of high profile and brilliant commercials for Bose might hold it back from conveying brand awareness to its new customers. According to Nielsen, the Asia Pacific advertising market increased by 2.1% during the first quarter of 2014(China 1.5%, Indonesia 14.4% and Malaysia13.3%). As the personal sound system industry is becoming crowded and highly competitive, many competitors have started to launch advertising campaigns. For example, another prominent brand Beats took the opportunity of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to debut its 5-minute online ads "The Game Before The Game." And this football star-studded and vibrant ad was welcomed among the fans. By comparison, Bose’s ads are currently rigid and unimaginative. In addition to advertisement, lacking rich online presence is another competitive challenge that Bose is confronting. Have a look at the official Bose’ current website,, which is quite static. (Having a look at the official Bose’ current website:, you may find it is not up-to-date and poor in providing related information.) Although it stays connected with Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+, the website of Bose has not achieved a great number of followers and consistent interactions with the online customers. Reference:...
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