Marked by P.Cast and Kristen Cast

Topics: House of Night, Vampire, P. C. Cast Pages: 4 (1653 words) Published: April 8, 2009
The story Marked by Pc Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast mainly takes place in The House of Night. The House of Night is basically like a boarding school for vampires, except you have to go if your a vampire, you don't have to be sent. In the house of night it's always dark when vampires are up and daylight when they are sleep. In The House of Night everyone is either a fledging, a new vampire of a fully developed vampire no humans. This story is told in a present day Oklahoma.

Marked is told in 1st person point. In Marked the protagonist is Zoey. The bad guy , or antagonist , is Aphrodite. Zoey Montgomery (who eventually changes her name to Zoey Redbird) is a sixteen-year-old girl who has a rather nice, sweet personality. Aphrodite is a stuck-up, nosey , stubborn teenager. Some minor characters are Stevie Rae , Erik Night , Damien Neferet , Erin , Shaunee, Elliot, Elizabeth , Grandma Redbird.

The external conflict is character Vs character, Zoey and Aphrodite are conflicting. Aphrodite does not like Zoey because she realizes that Zoey is “special”. Aphrodite is very jealous but at the same time scared that Zoey is going to take her place. There is also one part where a internal conflict is involved , this is when Zoey is conflicting herself. She was trying to encourage herself to defeat Aphrodite. Zoey doesn't believe that she is strong enough to take down Aphrodite so she takes her problem to the Nyx the goddess of Vampires. She finally realizes that she was given this gift for a reason and needs to use it to take out people (Aphrodite) that are using their gift negatively. The 1st suspense scene was when the “tracker” marked Zoey with a crescent moon on her forehead. Symbolizing that her body was going to either accept the change and she'll become a vampire or reject it and she was going to die. The next one was when she had ran away from her mom and “step-loser” to her grandmother's house and accidentally hurt herself and went into a trance. That was...
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