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December 6, 2012
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         Mark Zuckerberg, a name less well known than Facebook, is actually the genius behind the most popular social media site up to date. Rather than just graduating from Harvard, he chose to develop his own company. In only six years, the social media site Facebook has attracted over five hundred million users. Today, Facebook is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. About seven hundred thousand people sign up for Facebook all around the world every day (Kirkpatrick, 12). To accomplish such greatness, Zuckerberg uses only four methods. He is well-organized and a dedicated worker, he is able put his knowledge into his work, he is not doing it just for the money, and he is a kind, humble and friendly man.             Mark Zuckerbergs’ first key to success is that he has the mentality to not give up and to keep improving. Every day, Facebook is renovated and new upgrades are added and this has been going on since the day he had the idea of the billion dollar program. Not only does this happen with his knowledge, but also his tremendous urge to push through and improve everything. The author of the book The Facebook Effect described, “On January 11th 2004, Zuckerberg paid a website thirty-five dollars to register a web address for Facebook and by the end of May, it was already operating at thirty-two schools and had almost 100,000 users (Kirkpatrick, 42).” While Zuckerberg was becoming an accidental billionaire, other students at his age didn’t even know what they wanted to do for a living after their graduation. Zuckerberg has become one of the youngest billionaires through his method of dedication and willingness.             His second key to success is being able put his knowledge into his work. Mark Zuckerberg majored in both computer science and psychology when he was at Harvard University. He described to Time Magazine, “I was always interested in how those two things combined (Grossman,...

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