Mark Siegel Case Study Reflection

Topics: Education, Mother, Parent Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: June 26, 2008
My reflections on this case involve the actions of Mark Siegel, teacher and Ms. Petersen, parent. It seems to me that Mr. Siegel has not set up a partnership with his parents at the start of the school. I believe that teaching/learning involves partnering of all parties involved, teacher, student and parents. I feel that if Mr. Siegel established this relationship from very early on in the school year that some of these issues could have been resolved and dealt with quickly. At the beginning of the article the teacher has already given up since he believes that he has tried everything. He is also passing on responsibility and accountability to the student by saying the problem is the child’s and the parent’s.

While Mr. Siegel feels that he has used strategies in the classroom he also thinks that these strategies are what should have worked. He does not seem willing to look into other strategies. On the other hand, Ms. Petersen, is wrong to think that it is the teacher’s job, solely, to make school interesting. I don’t think that anyone has explained to her that learning involves parent – teacher partnerships. She should be reinforcing what is being done in the classroom at home. No where in the study does it mention that she’s even asked her son, what does he think about school? It may be from a cultural point that she is not interested in her son’s opinion but she should be willing to try different strategies for helping him.

In reading the study, it also mentions that Karim is the youngest of 3 children. Mr. Siegel should try to inquire about Karim’s siblings; How are they doing in school?; How does Karim interact with them?; What are the age differences? Also, Mr. Siegel needs to plan activities for everyone’s culture. So instead of just a Christmas Party, it should be renamed a Holiday Party to embrace a number of holidays such as, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc.. The teacher also needs to be aware of all of the cultures represented...
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