Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown

Topics: Star Search, Singing, Sawyer Brown Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: August 23, 2013
My Idol Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown
Joseph Zilar
Everest University
ENC 1101-80 Composition I
Professor: Pirooz Kalayeh

It was in 1984 when introduced to my idol, Mark Miller and Sawyer Brown, the country rock band. I was clicking through the channels and found a show called Star Search. It was the first reality performing arts competition that I had the pleasure to see, other than “The Gong Show”. I love to sing, so I could relate to the venue at hand. Ed McMahan was the show host, and most may remember him from “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. I started watching Star Search, and began to root for the country rock band Sawyer Brown each week. Sawyer Brown ended up being the top winner. Here it is almost thirty years later, and Mark Miller and Sawyer Brown are still going strong, and winning over audiences everywhere they go. (Thesis) I picked Mark Miller as my Idol because of; his leadership, his Christian values, sharing personal commonalities, and his love of music. Much of Mark’s music, thanks to his leadership, reflects his deep Christian origins (Evans, and Ross, 2013). Sawyer Brown’s founder and front man of the band, Mark Miller doesn’t sing about cheating. He sings about the common man and having good old fashion fun. When Sawyer Brown was announced the winner of Star Search, the leader Mark Miller thanked God for the opportunity to show their music on TV. I remember them singing a song on Star Search. It was the song “Step that Step”, and that song was their very first hit. I thought to myself back then that Sawyer Brown would become a big name band as long as Mark’s leadership kept the band grounded in their beliefs. Mark is a very quiet and soft spoken Christian man, and makes people wonder where all of his energy on stage comes from and how real it is. "You have no idea," says Miller, “People look at me offstage, and think it's an act. But that's how my brother and I were raised. Be good, do right, but when you get to church, you...
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