mark kasky vs nike

Topics: Social responsibility, United Students Against Sweatshops, Advertising Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: October 1, 2014
“Marc Kasky versus Nike”

1. What responsibility does Nike have for conditions of work at foreign factories making its products? The company expanded efforts to stop workplace abuse and started a public relations campaign. It became the only shoe company in the world to eliminate the use of polyvinyl chloride in shoes construction, ending worker exposure to chloride compounds. It revised its conduct code, expanding protections for workers. It set up a compliance department of more than 50 employees. Its staff members were assigned to specific Asian plants or to a region, where they trained local managers and did audits assessing code compliance. Nike helped to start a voluntary CSR initiative called the Fair Labor Association to enforce a code of conduct and monitoring scheme to end sweatshop labor The Nike Code of Conduct said that:

*Forced labor: The contractor doesn’t use forced labor in any form-prision, indentured, bonded or otherwise. *Child labor: The contractor doesn’t employ any person below the age to 16. *Compensation: Provides each employee at least the minimum wage. *Benefits: The contractor provides each employee all legally mandated benefits. *Hours of work/overtime: Contractor employees do not work more than 60 hours per week, or regular and overtime hours allowed by the laws of the manufacturing country. Extra work is pay.

* Environment, safety and health (ES&H): Nike considers every member of our supply chain like a partner in our business. We work with Asian to achieve specific environmental, health and safety goals. *Documentation and inspection: The contractor maintains on file all documentation needed to demonstrate compliance whit this code of conduct and required laws. This are some of the responsibility does Nike have for conditions of work.

2. Could Nike have better anticipated and more effectively handled the sweatshop issue? What did it to right? What was ineffective or counterproductive? In the early 90s, when...
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