Mark Edmundson's Critique

Topics: Education, Distance education, History of education Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Critique: Our Views of Online Education

In Mark Edmundson's article discussing online education, he makes many valid points about an online education short comings. His reaction, however, is based solely on traditional education and is limited to such online study. He focuses primarily on student teacher interaction and oftentimes states how such communication cannot be factored into online courses. He argues that a large lecture course with face to face contact and student teacher dialogue benefits the student more; opposed to online courses with contrasting features. While this is valid, Edmundson does not consider that these issues can be worked around and that there are many pros to online education as well.

Edmundson’s passage states teacher-student interaction is vital in obtaining an education. This particular form of contact has proven to keep students engaged in the learning process. Also, teacher-student interaction allows for teachers to monitor each individual students’ progressions and shortcomings throughout the course of study. In Edmundson's article, he states that teachers should make it necessary to learn who their students are and adapt to their ways of learning as well as helping them grow. I strongly agree with this point of view. Many times, students who are having a hard time grasping studies find themselves somewhat bashful or embarrassed and become hesitant to speak up. This causes them to be outshined by others who may be more vocal and grasp the information quicker. Having that teacher-student connection with online education is extremely vital. Since you're not studying in a traditional classroom, you'll also miss having face time with other students. This can deprive you of important networking opportunities for your future career, as well as basic social interaction.

The article states that Edmundson is adamant that in order for students to excel and obtain information, a teacher should be adaptive to their...
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