Mark Antony Character Traits

Topics: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Question Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: October 5, 2010
During the conversation with the conspirators.
Mark Antony proclaims that it is “dearer than thy death” for Caesar to see Antony shake the hands of “thy foes” and describes Caesar as “like a deer”, attacked by “many princes”. Context:
After the conspirators left, when Antony is alone with Caesar’s body. Evidence:
Mark Antony expressed his intentions for revenge by saying that ‘woe to the hand’ which ‘shed this costly blood’ and ‘he prophesy’ that a ‘curse shall light’ on ‘the limbs of men’.
Mark Antony also says that ‘domestic fury’ would ‘cumber all parts of Italy’ and ‘blood and destruction’ should be used.

Mark Antony uses many rhetorical tricks to persuade the people to go against the conspirators and support him and Caesar’s goals. Marc Antony is a respectable man and is himself honorable, but most importantly he has mastered the art of rhetoric. Antony states in his speech that "[To:Brutus] Hath told you Caesar was ambitious", and then Antony retorts with "I thrice presented him [“him”=Caesar] a kingly crown which he did thrice refuse." By doing that, Antony carefully rebuts Brutus' statement that Caesar was ambitious and starts turning the crowd against the conspirators.

Throughout his speech Antony continues with his pledge to the conspirators by calling them "honorable men", but the crowd feels a sense of sarcasm each time his calls them that. He then says "You [the crowd] all did love him once, not without cause. What cause withholds you then to mourn for him?" This rhetorical question goes against Brutus by questioning his speech in which he so greatly demonized and demeaned Caesar. Now the crowd is starting to turn against the conspirators and follow Antony.

Antony then teases the crowd with Caesar's will, which the beg him to read, but he refuses. Antony tells the crowd to "have patience" and expresses his feeling that he will "wrong the honorable men...
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