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Text Analysis

How does Shakespear make this a memorable and dramatic moment in the play ?

With Atnhony’s speech at the funeral of Julius Caesar, Shakespear created a memorable and dramatic moment for the reader. In this play Anthony is a loyal friend to Caesar (the emperor). Brutus made a plan to kill the emperor the day of the ides of march. Mark Anthony who wasn’t involved in the crime, only did not do anything to rescue Caesar even if he knew what was going to happen to him. After the crime Mark Anthony came in front of the crowd to do them a speech about his death. Firstly in his dialect Mark Anthony is acting like he is on Brutus and Cassius side, by appoving what they had done and the reasons why they had done it. But after a while he start being sarcastics about it, and it is one of the reasons why his speech is so memorable. Shakespear also make this play memorable thanks to Mark Anthony who is contradictory. He is making a contradiction in what he is saying because he said at the begining of his speech that he will not praise him but after a while he starts praising his dead friend, but in a very subtile way. This is also a very dramatic dialect because of all the language techniques and effects Mark Anthony is using in his speech.

Mark Anthony is doing his speech with Brutus and Cassius agreement, so during all his speech he is praising them. He also uses strong terms like « noble » that is praising Brutus which is going to be memorable when the reader will understand that he was ironic when he was telling this terms. Anthony is complimenting Brutus and Cassius with the repetition of « honourable man » and « honourable men » at the begining of the text the reader think that he is saying it in a kind way but after a while the reader understand that he was being sarcastic about it : « Yet brutus says he was ambitious And Brutus is a honorable man. ». Their is also a repetition of « yet Brutus says he was ambitious » which is memorable...
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