Marji Change In Persepolis

Topics: Social class, Iran / Pages: 4 (805 words) / Published: Feb 23rd, 2016
Persepolis is a story about a teenager named Marji. Marji is living in Iran during the fall of the Shah and the beginning of the new regime. Marji is in a wealthier class than others. She lives in a nice house with her parents. Marji is close to her family and stays connected with her grandma. When the new regime makes Marji and other girls change their lifestyles, all of the girls think it is a joke. This gets them in trouble and in the face of death. Marji develops differently than most children because of her surroundings and the lessons she learns as a result of this shapes the person she becomes.

Marji changes as a result of her environment. On page 82, Marji screams, “WE HAVE TO BOMB BAGHDAD!” This shows how being exposed to war changed
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Marji learns about how the Shah does not care about his people. The Shah slaughtered over 400 people in the cinema fire. Marji’s dad said, “They forbade people to rescue those locked inside.” Then after all the people inside burned to death, Marji’s dad said, “The firemen didn't arrive until forty minutes later.” This shows that the Shah sent the police to stop any rescues, and he made the firemen arrive forty minutes late to ensure that the victims were dead. The regime corrupts Iran and rules by fear. This corruption makes Iran’s own people (who joined together to take down the Shah) turn against each other. On page 87, Marji and her family are in a store trying to find food. They see two women fighting about a box of food. They think that it is terrible that people turned against each other just because of the situation that their country is in. The government stops people from having fun. In the chapter, The Wine, the government made it illegal to have parties and have wine. Marji’s dad was secretly making wine for parties, and when a young guard asked to search his house, all of his wine was poured in the toilet and flushed by Marji and her grandmother. Marji living in a country with so many changes developed her own views differently.

Marji learns about the bad aspects of humanity. People in Iran are doing everything in their power to keep their own heads above water. It is an every man for himself scenario. In the chapter, The Heroes, Marji learns about how thousands of political prisoners were set

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