Maritime Topics

Topics: Ship, Management, Supply chain management Pages: 3 (368 words) Published: August 14, 2011
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 | Topic and sub-topic areas of research include but are not limited to:   Topic Area| Sub-Topic Areas| 1. Shipping| Capital markets and risk management
Information technology in shipping
Intermodality and container shipping
Key issues in maritime transport
Liner shipping economics
Management practices in shipping
Maritime business and its economic impacts
Maritime investments decision making
Revenues and costs patterns in shipping
Shipping finance
Shipping investments & maritime clusters
Shipping markets international competition
Shipping markets regulation
Short sea shipping
Marketing & strategic issues in shipping
Maritime security
Sales and purchase
Freight derivates in shipping |
2. Ports| Case Studies in World ports
Information systems in port services
Internationalisation of ports
Maritime infrastructures
Measuring and investing in port efficiency
The determinants of hub port development
Port competition
Port developments & expected economic impact
Port financing and investment
Port governance issues
Port performance
Port reforms: Measuring and regulating the results
Ports as components of intermodal networks
The role of ports & port choice criteria
Trends in container terminals
Private sector engagement in ports
The role of the public sector in the port industry
Ports and vessels
Marketing and strategic issues in ports  |
3. Shipmanagement| The human factor in shipping
Safety and liability: Externalities of shipping
Open registries and flag issues
Marine accidents and service quality
National crews and fleets in international shipping
Port state control
Managing maritime emergencies  |
4. Logistics and supply chain management| International supply chain Logistics, intermodal and transport costs
Transport chains and intermodal networks
Logistics issues in shipping economics
The modal split and supply chains: Choosing the maritime option Managing...
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