Maritime Issues

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Chapter I

Background of the study
Being a seafarer was one of the most common dreams of every kid. Because all they know is that it is a career where you can see the world for free, and also a job where you can have lots of girls and money. Some considered it as their escape route to poverty into being rich. Some wanted to become a seafarer because of the temptation of having so many girls. Some just wanted to help their family to become stable in life. And some just wanted to gain a capital to make their long-term business on land. Its true! When you became a seafarer you can have all these privileges and benefits in life—BUT--- as what they say, “It’s not all fun and games.” Being a seafarer you need to take heavy responsibilities and obligations too.

In this study we would like the readers to see the other side of being a seafarer. Because walking the path of a seafarer is no easy job. We would like the readers to understand the dangers involved in being a seafarer. To be an eye opener for others who thinks this is not a serious job. So that they could be prepared both mentally and physically before choosing to go ahead with this career. Because as we all now ninety nine percent (99%) on accidents onboard happens because of human error. It is due to their lack of knowledge what they go into. And what are the possible risk involve. We would like to change the perspective of many people about the seafarers who they think is all about money girls and travelling. We would like to inform them about the dangers, risk, responsibilities and obligation of being a seafarer.

Objectives of the study

The study has for its objectives the following:

1. To know what the common dangers that faces Filipino seafarers today; and

2. To gain knowledge on how seafarers deal to void or prevent those dangers at sea.

Statement of the Problem
The study seeks answers to...
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