Marital satisfaction

Topics: Marriage, Love, Arranged marriage Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: October 3, 2014
Marital satisfaction can be defined as a state of mind that reflect the real benefits and outcomes of marriage to an individual (Baumeister, 2007). In this literature review, we will be evaluating the marital satisfaction based on the type of marriage; in either love marriage or arranged marriage an individual commits to and in signifying which type of marriage could be more satisfying. The literature review will contain the studies that support the research question, the description of the studies in detail, the comparisons of the studies for further evidence and discussion on our judgments on the studies evaluated. Love marriage is a union of two people on the basis of mutual love, fondness, commitment and attraction. It is an act willingly committed by two individual based on their own opinions and agreements. With a foundation of belief and trust, in a love marriage, two individuals tie a knot after a discussion and mutual agreement on each others’ opinion; understanding and most importantly love for each other. Although the idea of love marriage has been practiced commonly by most people, there are yet some people who think the arranged marriage as prevalent and thoughtful. In love marriage comes after two individuals share a deep love with each other, whereas in arrange marriage the contradicting view is noted. Unlike love marriage, arranged marriage is when two families mutually agree on a marriage union of two people based on the outlook of elderly people of the family, instead of the couple’s choice (Love Marriage, 1999) . In simple words, arranged marriage is defined as individuals tying the knot first and then falling in love after marriage. Individuals tend to do a self-assessment in the upper hand of their partner on their future partner that they will be falling in love with only after being married. In an arranged marriage, the proposal is accepted when both the individuals agreeing on not only marrying each other but as well committing to...
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