Marion Jones

Topics: High school, Marion Jones, 100 metres Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Marion Jones

Marion Jones had a very successful career but was always suspected for drugs, even back in her highs school years she was under investigation of steroid enhancements.
Jones' personal background includes as Wikipedia explains a dual citizenship to Belize due to her father that lived in Belizean and US with her mother living in Los Angeles where Marion was born. Also a divorce at a young age and also remarriage to a retired postal worker, Ira Toler. They, Wikipedia also mention that three years later, Ira was a stay-at-home dad to Jones and her older half brother, Albert Kelly until a early death in the year 1987. With all the grief on her shoulders she turned to sports- basketball pick-up games, track and field. She was beyond outstanding with all her talent being put to the test over her young years.

A lot of athletes become almost famous by getting caught abusing performance enhancement drugs. Marion Jones a phenomenal young athlete starting from high school, to college, to the Olympics! Unfortunately she fell under the influence in steroids which altered her whole life from losing her awards, her homes (including her own mothers house), and others. Jones participated in two high schools, Rio mesa for her first two years, and Thousand Oaks for her last two years of high school. She won the CIF California State Meet in the 100 M every year in high school. After all her she had accomplished, Jones' lawyer had defended her and had charges dropped for supposedly doping during her young athletic years.

Jones declined an invitation to the 92 Olympics and decided to participate in a sport she loved. She later moved on to bigger and better things such as, college, where she attended North Carolina to play basketball. Marion led her team to the NCAA Championship her Freshman year then decided to red-shirt so she could focus on another sport, track and field. With all her success behind her, she had finally been defeated for the first time in six...
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