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Other than illustration, Marion is also an accomplished draftswoman and painter, her work in this area tends to move between figurative and semi- abstract paintings, usually always incorporating iconic graphic elements.

The way she approaches her work seems to continually evolve in a way that shows how she has been influenced by the things around her, such as the styles and fashions at the time.

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I found an interview which was posted online from a private profile named ‘Rachel IdeasTap’, in which she’s asking Marion about any advice she’d give to young illustrators or about jobs you should just avoid doing, Marion says, “In the beginning, you have to do anything. Because you need the money, but also because doing the crap or difficult jobs is all part of your learning. But trust yourself from early on to do projects that you love because if I look back on my whole career the only projects I like are the ones I’ve done for love.” Slide 5

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For some reason it was very difficult to find anything about the work she did for Losada, maybe because it was for a Spanish publishing company or something but there are loads of covers that claim to be hers on Google images. I found this info on Marion’s own web page.

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She used the library at the university of Cornwall as one of her main sources for finding information and photos in their archives to help her achieve the desired feel for the series of books. She created the cover's identity through a combination of collage and hand-painted elements. The large, imposing panel of typography that runs across the cover of the book and is featured on all the covers she did for the Penguin Modern Classics series. The cover also contains delicate elements such as the photo printed in pink to create the feel of a Burmese sunset....
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