Mario Balotelli
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Mario Balotelli is an italian football player that plays for Liverpool in England. He was born on August 12 1990. He was born in Palermo, Sicily and his nickname is Super Mario. He has played for Manchester City in England and has played for Inter and AC Milan here in Italy and currently plays for Liverpool. He also played for the Italian team. Balotelli is one of my favorite players because he is very funny and in this presentation I will show you how funny he is.
Balotelli was a very good player but he is not a serious one. One day Balotelli asked his brother if he wanted to see a women’s prison. So they go to the prison because they were interested and the prison guards recognized him. In 2011 Balotelli played with fireworks and set his bathroom on fire and only a few days later he was chosen to be the front of a safety program about fireworks.
In 2011 Balotelli was a witness in a Mafia trial after the team flew to Naples and he was taken around the city by two Italian mobsters. Also on New Year ’s Day he cheated on his girlfriend with her best friend while his girlfriend was downstairs partying.
Mourinho is a soccer coach and in the forty second minute Balotelli received a yellow card. During half time Mourinho told Balotelli that he is the last striker, he cannot be substituted, do not get angry with referee because we need you to play. In the forty sixth minute he receives a red card.

Mario Balotelli è un giocatore di calcio italiano che gioca per il Liverpool in Inghilterra. Era nato il 12 agosto 1990. E 'nato a Palermo in Sicilia e il suo soprannome è Super Mario . Ha giocato per il Manchester City in Inghilterra e ha giocato per Inter e Milan in Italia e attualmente gioca per il Liverpool in inghiltera. Inoltre ha giocato per la squadra italiana. Balotelli è uno dei miei giocatori preferiti, perché è molto divertente e in questa presentazione vi mostrerò quanto divertente. Balotelli è stato un giocatore molto buono, ma non è grave. Un giorno

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