Marine Debris

Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Plastic, Marine debris Pages: 3 (637 words) Published: November 14, 2008

These days, around the world exists a global and terrible problem that is the pollution and its different types, which not only affects to habitants also all animal species like the marine wildlife.

Therefore, like I said before this fact could be seen anywhere: big countries, small countries, cities, etc; because irresponsible people who think that all the enviroment and ecological system will last forever, live in their houses without taking care of the important objects that are around them.

A real case about this warning of threat is Tortuguero National Park which is located in Costa Rica-Central America- between the Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. This park has a forest zone, a beach zone and a community of two hundred people that live at the beginning of Tortuguero entrance.

In spite of Tortuguero Beach is famous because of the variety of its turtles, for example, the LeatherBack which spends on the shore just two or three hours per day; the place also faces a devastating behavior: Human Pollution. This behavior where people throw plastic, metal and leather wastes to the rivers or lakes; creates the well known term: Marine Debris.

However, the animals that live in this beach and in other places are victims of one of the most dangerous elements: the plastic material including its characteristics that are so powerful, like: cheap, durable, lightweight, widely available; because if we join them as a group, the plastic takes four hundred years for destroying itself.

So without doubts, marines can be affected by marine debris(like plastic) in different and particular cases:

Entanglement: The animal doesn´t know how to get out of that situation, it causes: drowning, sofocation, wound infection and also has to increase its energy for releasing from nets, plastic rings, etc.

Direct Ingestion: The animal when needs to it, it only opens its mouth and catches all the objects...
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