Marine Corps Order P1020

Topics: Non-commissioned officer, Corporal, Shaving Pages: 3 (1899 words) Published: January 21, 2015
Marine Corps Order P1020.34G. This one order clearly explains every uniform regulation the Marine Corps has. It goes into to detail on everything from hair color to boots and utilities. From chevron placement to shaven faces. It not only explains the male uniform regulations, but female uniform regulations as well. In this essay, I will explain go over specifically grooming standards for both male and female marines, why the marine corps has uniform regulations in the first place, and what these uniform regulations mean to me as a lance corporal of marines. Let’s start out with grooming standards. What are they you ask? Well the grooming standards go into specific detail about how marines need to look. Hair has to be neat and closely trimmed. The hair may be clipped at the edges of the side and back and will be evenly graduated all the way around the head, from zero length at the hairline in the lower portion of the head to the upper portion of the head. Hair can not be over three inches in length fully extended on the top portion of the head. Extended hair, not the style of the hair, will determine its proper length. It also states that no male marine No male marine will be required to have his entire hair length shaven to the scalp expect while he is undergoing recruit training or when such action is prescribed by a medical officer. This does not keep a male marine from having his hair clipped or shaved to the scalp if he so desires. As male marines, when we get a haircut is determined by what unit and command you are with, but it is usually once every weekend. That is almost universal in the Marine Corps, but while being deployed, everything changes and you could go a few weeks before getting a haircut. So it just depends on where you are. For females, they do not have to get a haircut once a week like the male marines. But they do still have to keep it looking professional. The order on female Marines’ hair is pretty long. It basically says that when they...
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