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Earning the rank of NCO in the Marine Corps is a difficult feat and it is the mentor’s job to guide his mentees on a path that would have them attain not only the next rank but also any goals they may have set out for themselves. No one can put the mentorship program in any better words than Gen John A. Lejeune himself. He once said “One must put himself in the place of those whom he would lead; he must have a full understanding of their thoughts, their attitude, their emotions, their aspirations, and their ideals; and he must embody in his/her own character the virtues which he would instill into the hearts of his/her followers.”. Which in my interpretation I believe him to be saying Not only does the Marine NCO lead and instruct younger Marines, he also jumps in the trenches with them, and instructs through example, not just advice.

A Marine NCO in my eyes is characterized by being a leader, hard worker and well disciplined individual. The Marine Corps NCO is the embodiment of history and tradition and should be someone a junior Marine strives to model themselves after. To be a Marine NCO demands a strong stature in order to keep subordinates in check and uphold the standards set by the NCO’s that came before you. As a leader it is important not to give orders you would not follow yourself, and to have your junior Marines accomplish the mission not just because you told them too but because they want too.

The NCO’s that have inspired me since I have joined the Marine Corps taught me about my job and leadership. They have instilled in me the fundamentals for a great foundation to build myself up from. They have always had a plan for every action or mission that needed to be accomplished, and have not hesitated to encourage and congratulate Marines on their effort or a job well done. They have taught me to walk with a purpose, head held high, and shoulders back, no matter what is presented before me, because no matter...
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