Marine Corps Grooming Standards

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Grooming Standards

Marine Corps grooming standards are in place to conform Marines to a singular uniform look. They keep us from being too eccentric and while in Garrison they help us to keep a professional look about us at all times. They keep us from just “looking like everyone else,” and help us to stay a cut above the rest. The hair cut regulations are stated as an even fade from 0 to no more than 3” on the top of the head as long as the hair doesn’t interfere with any uniform article. There can be no eccentric designs or anything shaved into one’s head. For females the hair must be wrapped in a tight bun in the center of the back of the head not to exceed 3 inches from the scalp and be no wider than the width of one’s head. Females can wear bangs but they can’t fall into the line of sight and can’t affect the wearing of any headgear. For both male and female bleaches tints dyes are authorized as long as they give a natural appearance. No Marine will be required to shave his chest hair but it cannot protrude from the skivvy shirt collar or while in khakis. Marines must have a clean shave with the exception of a mustache which may not extend past the corners of the lips and must remain within the margin of the upper lip. Mustache hair when fully extended my not extend past half of an inch. Marines are allowed to have sideburns but they may not extend past the top of the upper orifice of the ear and may be no longer than one eighth of an inch. Hair may not be shaped in a “horse-shoe” on the head and no Mohawks are authorized. No Marine shall be required to shave their head with the exception of at basic training. Finger nails must be kept clean and may not interfere with regular duties; they may not extend past the finger tips either. Marines may not excessively pluck or remove eyebrows unless for a medical reason as prescribed by a doctor. All Marines are held to this even members of the Marine Corps reserve although reservists are authorized to wear wigs...
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