Marina Bay Sands
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The Marina bay Sands was opened on the 17th February 2011 developed by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and designed by Moshe Safdie and associations. Built on reclaimed land the hotel overlooks view of the city as well as the sea. Offering guest’s convention and exhibition facilities, shopping, theater entertainment, restaurants, bars, accommodation and not stop, casino and gaming. Not only did the Project boost Singapore’s economy and tourism but has also created an attraction and entertainment destination for locals.

Table of Contents
1.Synopsis 1
2.Introduction 3
3.Procedure 3
3.1 Location of the marina bay sands 3
3.2 Construction 3
Constructing the observation Deck 4
3.3 Hotel 5
Accommodation 5
Museum 5
3.4 Entertainment and attractions 6
SkyPark 6
Sands Theater 7
Shopping and Restaurants 7
4. Conclusion 7
5. Recommendations 8
6. References 9


Marina bay Sands was developed by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The hotel resort has created an attraction and entertainment destination to increase Singapore’s economy and tourism. Ever wondered how they constructed the marina bay sands? The famous hotel is located along the Marina Bay waterfront featuring three hotel towers whilst located at the top is “Sky Park” an outdoor infinity swimming pool. This report will outline the construction and Design of the Marina Bay sands as well as the attractions and features of the hotel.

3.1 Location of the marina bay sands The Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is located along the Marina Bay Sands waterfront, in the heart of Singapore. The location is 10 minutes from the Changi International airport. The MBS was building on a reclaimed land as part of a long tern strategy for Singapore’s growth 30 years ago. The Las Vegas sands corporation has provided more than 10400 jobs during the construction of the project and 70% Singaporeans.

3.2 Construction

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