Marijuanan Use and Teens

Topics: Adolescence, Brain, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Marijuana Use in Teenagers

According to research marijuana use has a negative effect on the memory and learning of a teenager. Having a negative effect on learning and memory can have an impact on the structure and function of a teenagers developing brain. Marijuana use by a teenager can raise their heart rate by 20 to 100 percent. Depression is another bad side effect of teenage marijuana use. Depression leads to anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and loss of motivation. These things can be very impactful on a young developing teenage mind. Our brain’s natural cannabinoid chemistry gradually develops from fetal life until adult hood hand in hand with the rest of the brain’s development multiple studies now show that our cannabinoid chemistry is also important in guiding the development of other brain structures as well. At puberty the brain undergoes explosive growth particularly in the rich branching of connections among brain cells. Much of this growth occurs in the outer layer of' the brain the cortex. After this explosion of growth nature has a way of' trimming away the connections that do not get used and strengthening those it does use.

One modern marijuana myth is that marijuana is not addictive. I believe this is wrong for many reasons and there are factors that influence use such as family and friend’s relationships, the age you start using, and your own family genes. A teenager that uses marijuana is 16 percent likely to get addicted, where as a teenager that uses marijuana daily is at a 25 percent chance of addiction. Marijuana is a dangerous drug to a young developing teenage mind. I think proper counseling and after school activities would increase drug awareness and keep teenagers more involved with school and other activities to keep their young minds active in a positive light.

Another major factor that dictates marijuana and sometime the most influential is peer pressure. One major misconception is that “everybody’s doing it “. Sometimes a...

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