Marijuana Research Proposal

Topics: United States, President of the United States, U.S. state Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Proposal: United States Drug Policy
Out of all the United State's failed policies, the war on drugs is one of the oldest and most epic failures. Federal laws regarding marijuana have been especially problematic for both citizens and our country as a whole. These archaic laws prohibiting marijuana need to be reviewed and reformed with a modern day, scientific point of view. That is why I have chosen to analyze the United States failing initiative to put an end to marijuana within it's boarders, and to research alternative policies that would turn this “problem” into a solution.

I plan to focus my essay on the United States efforts, from 1977 to present day, to control the cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana. I will find creditable research suggesting that the current laws do America more harm than good, and that there are alternative ways to deal with the situation in which our economy could improve as a side effect. I will also research creditable points of view from the opposition of reform, and take them into account in my essay.

This is an issue I feel has not been discussed properly, especially with the current presidential administration. With a shift in the executive branch and in congress in order in 2009, I believe the issue will become more prevalent and less taboo. Choosing a topic like this may draw some criticism, much like discussing the sale of alcohol would have in the 1920s. This will pose a challenge in writing this essay, but I believe there is a legitimate argument to be made, through the use of scientific non bias information. .My current knowledge of the subject leads me to believe that reform of the current laws is due. My main point I plan to discuss is the enormous economic benefit the decriminalization and regulation of marijuana would have for our economy. There are a number of ways decriminalization could improve our county like the large amount of revenue our government could make from taxation of marijuana, or the...
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