Marijuana: Cancer and Bodily Functions

Topics: Cancer, Smoke, Cannabis Pages: 4 (744 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Marijuana: A Wonder Drug or Dangerous Herb?
“The herb is the healing of the nation. Alcohol is the destruction.” Rightfully stated by the legendary, Mr. Bob Marley. Marijuana as an entity in society today, has its good effects and its bad effects. Three of these GOOD effects are as follows. Marijuana helps with NUMEROUS amounts of health issues and diseases; it helps with a number of bodily functions AND it can be used for lots of medicinal purposes! Now why would it be wise to take heed to what others may have to say, about any subject or topic? It IS wise because it is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to better gain knowledge about ANYTHING. So why not? This essay that proceeds outlines MY opinion on the issue of, “Marijuana: A Wonder Drug or Dangerous Herb?” Many health issues and diseases are aided WITH the help of marijuana. A few of these illnesses include: glaucoma, cancer AND epileptic seizures. As for glaucoma, research has shown that the drug HAVE been proven to treat AND prevent this eye disease, which is caused by the increase of pressure IN the eye ball, damaging the optic nerve and thus results in a loss of vision. Who would want to lose their sight? No one! Hence you just smoke weed and you’ll be good to go! Cancer – Cancer is a malignant growth or tumor, resulting from the division of abnormal cell. As the website ‘’ CLEARLY states, researched studies illustrate that breast cancer cells of high expression levels of Id-1, WERE treated WITH marijuana! AND after treatment, cells had decreased Id-1 expression AND were less aggressive spreaders! Yes, marijuana did do that! In 2003, studies proved that marijuana use CAN prevent epileptic seizures. In a university in Virginia, marijuana was given to epileptic people, and for about 10hours these people experienced NO SEIZURES AT ALL! Because of the tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC along with other active ingredients in marijuana, binding to the brain cells responsible for...
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