Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Medicine Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Say No To Drugs!
It is obvious that for years marijuana has been misconceived as a harmless drug. Contrary to popular opinion marijuana should not be legalized. Though benefits like tax revenue and medical use are tempting arguments, marijuana is not worth the adverse destruction it causes. Marijuana is addictive, permitting it will lead to the legalization of other dangerous drugs, and it causes permanent physical and brain damage. However, to properly discredit the myths about marijuana we must first display the facts. Many argue that compared to other drugs marijuana is not as addictive, but that does not mean it isn’t addictive at all. It has been proven that 9 percent of marijuana users will become dependent on the substance. 9 percent initially does not sound like a great amount, but when the entire population of abusers is considered 9 percent is a large number. Bear in mind that this is a percentage that is steadily increasing. Like other addictive drugs, the more you smoke marijuana the more you need to reach a satisfying level of intoxication. This increases the inability to stop using the drug. Marijuana even has withdrawal symptoms similar to that of nicotine addicts’. Symptoms vary, nausea, chills, depression, irritability, anxiety, and sleep deprivation may occur. Secondly the “medical theory.” Most of the mislead population believe that because marijuana it is used medically it is harmless. What people don’t know is that there are several illegal drugs used medically. That doesn’t make them tolerable for recreational use. Legalizing marijuana will lead to an epidemic of lenience towards drug abuse. Drugs like methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and LSD have all been used medically, should we legalize these as well. If Americans are not adamant about keeping marijuana illegal the sanction of these hazardous substances could be in our near future. In the medical field drugs, like the ones listed, are chemically perfected for their specified use thus...
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