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Marie Biscuits in India

By srabanti Mar 02, 2011 942 Words
María biscuit.
A Marie is sweet biscuit similar to a Rich Tea. It is made with wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil and, unlike the Rich Tea biscuit, vanilla flavoring. The biscuit is round and has its name engraved into its top surface. The edges of the top surface are also engraved with an intricate design. While the Rich Tea biscuit is the most popular version of this biscuit in the United Kingdom, it is the Marie version that is most popular in most other countries, particularly Portugal, México, Australia, Pakistan, India, South Africa, and Spain. Like the Rich Tea biscuit, many consider the Marie's plain flavor to make it particularly suitable for dunking in tea. Other popular methods of consuming the biscuit includes using two to make a sandwich with butter and marmite or condensed milk spread in between, covering it with golden syrup, and crumbling it up in custard and jelly. Marie biscuits are frequently served to children. Babies may be served the biscuits softened in milk as their first solid food. Marie biscuits are also a common ingredient in home baking recipes. In Spain, Natilla custard is typically served with a Maria on it. Contents

The Marie biscuit was created by an English bakery Peek Freans in London in 1874 to commemorate the marriage of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh.[1] It became popular throughout Europe, particularly in Spain where, following the Spanish Civil War, the biscuit became a symbol of Spain's economic recovery after bakeries produced mass quantities to consume a surplus of wheat.[2] [edit] Manufacturers

The major international manufacturers (initially sorted by name) of this kind of biscuit include: Country/Region Producer Brand
Argentina Arcor Maná
Australia Arnott's Biscuits Holdings
South Africa
BakersBlue Label
Marie Biscuits
Cappuccino Marie Biscuits
Blue Bird FoodsAlidoro
Bonn Food industriesMariebon
Britannia Industries
Parle Products Pvt Ltd
Marie Light
C.A. Sucesora de Jose Puig & CIAMaria Puig
United States
Goya Foods

Grupo SiroMaría Fontaneda
Hup Seng Perusahaan Makanan (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Cap Ping Pong
Marie Biscuits
Coffee Marie Biscuits
Kharkiv Biscuit Factory
Katalina Foods
Khong Guan Biscuit Factory (S) Pte Ltd
Khong Guan
Marie Biscuits (250g/450g)
Small Marie Biscuits (250g)
Sri Lanka
Maliban, CBL (Munchee)
Ghandour Food
Kinh Do Corporation

Marie Regal Biscuits
Morinaga & Company

Muhab Food Co. BenghaziHala Biscuit
Marie Biscuits
Petit Beurre Biscuits
Pally Holland
First Price

Şimşek Biscuits & FoodsGorona
Confectionary Factory Spartak
Disha FoodsTreff
Göteborgs KexGuld Marie
Hong Kong
Sætre ASMarie

We’ve told you how biscuits are not healthy and can promote fat storage. But then there are those biscuits called healthy biscuits- like wheat biscuits, high fiber biscuits, etc. So, we decided to find out two things. First, if these wheat, high fiber biscuits are really healthier than normal biscuit cousins, and which among them are the healthiest: Britannia Marie Gold, Sunfeast Marie Lite, Britannia NutriChoice and McVities (the original)

Photo- Healthiest Wheat Biscuits India (willow89@flickr)
All biscuits had very similar ingredients. Britannia Marie Gold was the lowest calorie count at 441 calories per 100 gm. This was slightly lower calorie count than Sunfeast Marie Lite. Highest fiber is Britannia NutriChoice- at 6 gm per every 100 gm, but had a high calorie count of 487 calories and double the fat content of the Marie biscuits. Honestly, it was a tight race In general, biscuits aren’t exactly source of high nutrition. Clearly wheat biscuits are healthier than normal biscuits (or chocolate biscuits), so it was more a question of which wheat biscuits are the least harmful. Britannia Marie Gold has the lowest calorie count, its also fortified with vitamins (A, D, B, E) and calcium. Though, we did like flavour of McVities Interesting observation: Britannia Marie Gold says, 1 pack of Marie Gold contains the same amount of protein of 1 glass of milk. But one pack of Marie Gold contains 616 calories, whereas 1 glass of low fat milk is about 60-80 calorie. You decide your protein source Below is the nutrition information of healthiest wheat biscuits in India (Note: All nutritional facts are per 100 gms of each product): Britannia Marie Gold: 441 calories- 76.5 gm carbohydrates (27 gm sugar), 8 gm protein, 11.5 gm fat (5 gm saturated fat, 5 gm unsaturated fat), 48.6 mg calcium, Vitamin A 880 mcg, Vitamin D 5.8 mcg, Vitamin E 17.6 mg, Vit B1, B2, B3, B6, folic acid. Ingredients: Wheat flour (58%), sugar, edible vegetable oil, milk solids, invert syrup, butter Sunfeast Marie Lite: 446 calories- 76.3 gm carbohydrates (19.2 gm sugar), 8.4 gm protein, 11.9 gm fat (5.8 saturated, 6.1 unsaturated), 3.4 gm fiber, 0 cholesterol Ingredients: wheat flour (66%), sugar, edible vegetable oil, wheat fiber (0.13%) Britannia NutriChoice (high fiber digestive): 487 calories- 58 gm carbohydrates (15 gm sugar), 7.5 gm protein, 25 gm fat (12 gm saturated fat, 12 gm unsaturated fat), 6 gm dietary fiber, 0 transfats, 0 cholesterol. Ingredients: wheat flour (41%), edible vegetable oil, whole wheat flour (19%), sugar, wheat bran (4.5%) McVities (the original digestive): 478 calories- 6.7 protein, 63.4 carbohydrates (16 gm sugar), fat 21.9 gm (10.4 sat), 3.4 gm fiber Ingredients: Wheat flour (56%), vegetable oil, sugar, whole meal (13%)

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