Marie Antoinette

Topics: Marie Antoinette, Louis XIV of France, Louis XVI of France Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Marie Antoinette

From the very beginning, Marie Antoinette was born as an Austrian princess. She was the favored and most beautiful daughter. Her mother, strategically arranged for Marie to marry in order to form a new alliance with France. Just at the age of 14, she was married and then became queen of a foreign country. Seems like a huge responsibility for such a young girl... And nevertheless it was. At the end of her reign, Marie Antoinette ended up being an unfit ruler and was hated by the majority of France. France was the most powerful country at the time of Marie Antoinette’s rule. Just before Marie was shipped over to France to become queen, the Seven Years War was ending. To preserve the alliance between France and Austria, it was arranged that Marie had to marry Louis XIV. On May 16th, 1770, Marie was now married to her beloved husband Louis XIV. In 1775, twenty year old Louis XIV was crowned King therefore making Marie a queen. Although everything seemed to be going the way things should, Marie was unsatisfied with her marriage. She felt Louis was “...homely, awkward, and hardly her heart’s desire” (Marie Antoinette Online). They were complete opposites and enjoyed different leisurely activities. Much like everyone else, he admired her physical appearance. Marie Antoinette thought to seek out Louis XIV and try and become intimate with him, but to add to her frustration, Louis could not receive and erection. So for seven years their marriage went without having sexual relations. Meanwhile “...the teenage queen suffered in silence as she was snidely taunted for her inability to produce an heir to the throne” (Marie Antoinette Online). As time went by, Marie spent less and less time in court fulfilling her duties as queen and more time pleasuring herself. She treated herself with an abundant amount of gifts. She effortlessly blew off her necessary obligations as queen and went to events such as masked balls in Paris, gambling, theatricals, and late...
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