Mariana Islands and Guam

Topics: Guam, Mariana Islands, United States Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: May 28, 2013
By: Serina Perdomo

The people of Guam have many different religions but the majority of the population is Roman Catholics because of the Filipino influence. The Chamorro also rely upon traditional beliefs in shaman who are skilled in conducting healing and medical rituals. Belief in spirits of ancient ancestors, Tao Tao Mona, also serves as a remnant of pre-European Chamorro society. The population in Guam is around 182,111 in 2011. The people on Guam live to be about 76 years of age. Each woman bares about two kids to support the fields. The two most common languages on Guam are English and Chamorro. Location

Guam is located in the western Pacific Ocean. Guam lies at the southern end of the Marianas Islands chain. It’s also next to Asia. It’s owned by the United States; it’s a U.S. Territory. The capital of Guam is Agana. It is very close to the equator so temperatures range anywhere from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. They get 80 to 110 inches of rain a year.

The lifestyle in Guam is very different from the life in the U.S. Life is much slower and much more relaxed. The houses aren’t as big and lavish, nor are the cars. They always have a reason to host a barbeque. Every weekend they have some form of a fiesta with their families. The communities in Guam are very closely knit because they are rather small. They have just about all the same holidays we do but they have some of their own as well; such as All Souls Day and Our Lady of Camarin day. On the island of Guam there are many things to do like going for hikes, going swimming, and going to all the country and recreational clubs.

Guam is a melting pot for Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian influences. They have some very unique foods that are a mix from all these culture. Some foods are: red rice, kelaguen, arroz caldo, beef tinaktak, SPAM sushi, pickled mangoes and green papaya. Red rice is cooked with achiote and annatto seed which is what gives it...
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