Marian Spirituality

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Marian spirituality is sometimes thought as a mystery to people. If you attentively look through the Gospels you can discover God’s perfect Servant. One term used to characterize Marian spirituality is a relationship with the Holy Spirit, while following Christ, being and living through the Lord. We need to find the inspiration to follow Christ in Mary. We, as Christians, honor Mary as a challenge or inspiration to live the Christian attitudes and values. Mary is the mistress of spiritual life, the perfect disciple of our Lord Jesus. She was filled with the Spirit and led with the Spirit. Marian spirituality has flourished throughout the many early centuries of the church. Her life is expressed all throughout the gospels (mainly as infancy stories: Matthew 1-2; Luke 1-2) but is essentially told in The Gospel according to Luke. As a whole, the New Testament honors Mary as a model of a mother in the history of salvation, worthy of our acceptance and respect. Mary’s role in salvation history is manifested most often in Luke. Two expressions are found in Luke to exemplify this. Mary is the tool for whom God chose to accomplish his will, while she remained faithful to His plan (Lk.1:38). Mary is Blessed among women, but she is not always favored above the people of that time. The blessing shows proof of Mary’s work of salvation in the messianic process (Luke 1:42). In Luke when explaining the public ministry of Jesus’ life Mary is expressed as the Mother who was Jesus’ disciple (Lk. 8:19-20; 11:28). She is represented as the perfect Christian model of God, for us. In Luke she is exemplified as the perfect servant of God. She adheres to what Jesus is telling her to live her life as. She takes up poverty, service, fear of God, being aware of her own fragility, sense of justice, joy, openness, and trusting in God. These actions epitomize Mary’s faith in which we are to devote ourselves. Mary deserves all of our honor and veneration directed toward her....
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