Maria O Rourke's Theory Analysis
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Sabrina Mohammed
Dr. Mood
Ticket to Class - Week 9
1. In one paragraph, describe how Maria O'Rourke conceptualizes the professional role of the nurse?
Maria O’Rourke’s model of the professional role of the nurse is a framework that describes how nurses can communicate, practice, collaborate, and devolve the concept of professional role. To determine the stability of the patient condition, a nurse must apply the model of the professional role proactive “which contains four domains [for nurses] leader, scientist, transferor of knowledge, and practitioner” (O’Rourke & White, 2011). A the practitioner, the nurse recognizes each task he/she performs, there is a corresponding professional responsibility and accountability; as a
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What do you perceive the role of the nurse is related to the coordination of patient care within the context of healthcare teams?
The role of a nurse is to perform assessments of the patient's health status upon admission to the hospital, and over time to check on the patient to see how he/she is responding to the intervention/ plan of care. This is because the nurse spends the most time with the patient in the hospital setting providing around the clock care. Also, the nurse is responsible for implementing the doctor's orders (such as medication, labs, and catheters). It is important that the nurse assesses safety of doctor's orders before she or he implements it. Another role of a nurse is to think critically using that data from assessment to help with making decisions about the actions that are needed taken to care for the patient. Nurses focus on trying to meet patients' needs (emotional, physical, psychological, social, and spiritual). In the healthcare team, the nurse advocate for patients to promote optimal health. Additionally, the nurse serves as the patient’s educator and coach on issues around lifestyle choices, coping with a diagnosis, or understanding warning signs and symptoms of emerging problems before they are discharged from the
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For example in the American culture, nursing is stereotyped as women job, this view in our society lead to the low representation of men in the nursing career (Masters, 2014). Also, the lack of emotional and moral support is also seen as a barrier by minority nurses because “lack of support manifested itself in multiple ways including feelings of social isolation and loneliness, racism and discrimination, and, finally, through family support issues” (Loftin et al, 2012). If the culture within the profession does not encourage mutual respect and acceptance multiculturalism can lead to minority within the profession feeling threatened. Age can be a barrier because in today’s nursing practice, technology plays an important role and this can be deterring individuals who are older because they do not feel confirmable with technology. The lack of inclusivity is what makes it hard to recruit and retaining minorities in the

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