Maria Full Of Grace

Topics: Family, Hotel, Maria Kanellis Pages: 4 (537 words) Published: April 17, 2015

Maria Full of Grace.

The movie Maria Full of Grace is about a girl from a town in Colombia. Where she work to help support her mother and her sister who have child without a dad. She work at this Factory where she have to clean roses, but her boss treat her with no respect but this is just the beginning for journey.

In a remote are of Colombia, this seventy years old Maria Alvarez have a miserable job dethroning roses at a factory where she grown up and lives in one of poorest places neighborhood sharing a tiny apartment with her family. Maria later on find out that she is pregnant and tell her boyfriend. He wants to married her but she refuse because she doesn’t want to live the same life circumstances her sister is living and she prefer end the relationship ship with Juan because she is not in love with him. 

Maria begins her journey moving to a town more populated looking for a better job and life style. On her way she met Franklin where he propose her to smuggle heroin drugs to the united states and where she will get more money. Desperately she accepts the offer as a “mule”. She passes the interview with Don Javier the old man who was in charge of all this conspiracy and she accept the deal for $5,000 dollars. Maria was scared and uninterested and she went to look for answers with Lucy a girl who did the same job years ago. Lucy teaches her how to swallow and how to prepare her self for customs at the arrival in New York. 

A passport, $800 dollars and a round-trip ticket was giving to her as part of her promise. When she arrived at the airport the custom official make her sign a consent that she needs to get an X-ray to see if she was carrying drugs inside her but the official later find out that she was pregnant and release her. Than Maria, Lucy and Carla was taken by two individual and keep in hotel unto they release the drugs from her body. Later on Maria find blood in the hotel and wakes up Carla and scape to Queens NY to...
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