Maria Full of Grace

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Maria Full of Grace – Essay Sample
Maria Full of Grace is a Latin film that depicts a way life that many of us have been sheltered from knowing exists.  Exploring Latin culture in film in depth provides its viewers an understanding of a different way of life.  Regardless of the viewer, this movie is a brilliant expression of the battles that consumes people and a way to educate its viewers on the realism of everyday life in Columbia.   The story is about a seventeen-year old girl, María Álvarez.  Even though there are many characters that are essential to this movie, the story unfolds through the eyes of María.  In the beginning, it looks like María could be living in an environment that would be familiar to many in the United State.  There is a Lunch room setting with an attractive boy a few tables over flirting, and the girls laughing about it.  There is a club with music and dancing, when the boy finally interacts with the girl and everyone appears to be having fun.  But that picture or assumption quickly dies as the story unfolds.  The beauty of childhood or what is perceived as a normal seventeen-year olds girl’s life it destroyed within the first twenty minutes of this movie.   María is not finishing school and contemplating college, she is working in a flower shop removing thorns from roses with a controlling boss in a sweatshop environment.  She handed her paycheck over to her family with disregard to her own personal needs.  She is involved with a boy, Juan, who seems disinterested in when he is hanging out with his friends.   Maria is not happy, and all of these things are building up for her.   The monotony of everyday life and an individual’s inability to make end meet or get ahead is what makes these alternative get rich quick endeavors so appealing. As this movie continues, the bad seems to get worse.  María’s family is dependent on her wages as a form of survival.  When María finds out she is...
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