Maria Elena Case Study

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 4 (1456 words) Published: August 6, 2007
a. Summary of the case:
Maria Elena works as a cleaner in your home You find her quite pleasant but of late she seems to be restless so you decide to find out the reason for it and you are shocked Her story in short goes this way .Maria Elena is an illegal immigrant who lives in San Jose with her husband and 2 children in a run down apartment with two other couples. Maria and her husband Luis heard of how good everything was in the USA from a cousin and decide to leave Mexico, to give a better future for their children. So Luis entered USA illegally made enough money and then called for Elena .Using a false green card both of them work. Elena's mother is now in her death bed and Elena wants to visit her, but she fears that If she goes to Mexico she will not able to return.

The moral issue is should you disclose the fact that you have an undocumented immigrant working in your home? The people involved are you, Elena and of course her family. How to solve this problem of the illegal immigrant is foremost in your mind. You are caught between two issues humanitarian values and legal issues. You are also worried that you have not checked her social security before employing her.

2. You need to decide on what course of action you are going to take. You know that there is no way you can help Elena out. The source of the conflict itself is the residential status of your employee Elena. The conflicting moral duties here are the laws of the land which are very harsh on immigrants and anyone found to be sheltering them are also penalized very harshly. This issue does not have any resolutions or a solution. You could consider taking the advice of an immigration lawyer but you will be putting yourself under the scrutiny of the INS Your resolution could be supportive on humane grounds only. You feel that Elena being an honest worker and wanting to give a good life to her children decided to enter USA illegally and on...
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