Marginalized Young People

Topics: Peter Milligan, Education, Ministry of Defence Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: June 2, 2010
Marginalized young people

1) Write a summary of “The forces that turned Baba around” in about 150 words. This text deals with a boy named Babatunde Olejide who describes himself as “A bit of a bad boy”. He has gotten into a lot of trouble at his school, because he had vandalised school property, been truanting and getting into fights. By the time he was 12-years-old he had been suspended from his school 5 times. Therefore he was given the offer to join a program created by the former British Armed Forces, launched by the Ministry of Defence education department, the program was called “The Skill Force” targeting year 10 and 11 pupils having problems with mainstream education. The program is simple a student drops two GCSE subjects and spend a day a week learning survival skills. “I didn’t like the idea of being shouted at by soldiers, but they weren’t like that at all,” says Baba. “Our instructors were easy to talk to”. After the programme he became interested in his studies and wants to become a great actor.

2) Give an outline of the various attitudes in to young people in the fours texts. In the first text, the attitude that comes forth is cool towards the youngsters they know that there are pupils that have a bad attitude and there needs to be done something about their attitude. Therefore they created a program to help young people who have had problems with mainstream education. And after their time in the program they got excited about their education and started looking forward to going to school. Therefore you can say their attitude towards young people is good because they want to do something about it by helping them, instead of excluding them from school. In text two they talk about teaching youngsters boxing as a way of burning of excessive energy, instead of using it to become outcasts, in fact the Home Secretary David Blunkett has started these departments where youngsters can come and train. A good example would be Amir Khan who also...
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