Marginalization in India

Topics: Discrimination, India, Caste system in India Pages: 4 (855 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Raphaela Lin
Mr. Andersen
Nov 30, 2014

The marginalization in India In recent years, marginalization in world trade has increased. However, the "marginalization" is not simply one thing or just one status, which is a growing problem in the world. It is perhaps the most dangerous form of oppression in the society and the society is potentially subjected to severe material deprivation. Therefore, the government needs to attach importance to marginalized groups. In the past twenty years, the caste system has caused social inequality and poverty in India. This situation still continues until now. In Varanasi, teachers and school staff use discriminatory practices against children from poor and marginalized sections of society, such as "Dalits". The caste system harms these Dalits children's lives and their futures, which shows in these three specific problems that occur in Dalit children: lower level of social status, health and nutritional problems and oppression of education. To begin with, in India, the caste system is divided into five separate classes. The fifth group, also called "untouchable", is the lowest level in this system, and Dalits are a good example of this level. In some areas of the country, Dalits are not permitted to walk in daylight for their shadows were considered pollution. Even the Dalit children in school are marginalized by their teachers. In the Hindustan Times newspaper, Bajoria says, "In fact, the education officials do not have accurate records of students who have dropped out. In one case, I found 22 Dalit children from the Musahar community in a hamlet at Pindra in Varanasi had stopped going to school because of the prejudice they had faced"(Bajoria). And one of these 22 Dalit children also says, "The teacher always made us sit in one corner of the room, and...

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