Marginalization Analysis

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The Marginalization a laborer in the village Ngringo
The marginalization as a form or process where people or individual will no longer be able to to access resources which relate to livelihood. This was so important when a laborer as part of a group that is in the society Ngringo village have to undergo the marginalization of what has become a source their livelihood.
Marginalization is a concept to understand relations between industrialization by the job. Widely, marginalization reflect a decisive break access a group or human resources to vital (Land and water, capital market, the work, education, political rights, and others) By other groups that have stronger position. Marginalization not only the problem lost access to economic...

Marginalization forms can be seen by various alternative that will be done by them in to fulfill requirement of life. Their ability to survive will be done with various alternative like safety srabutan and trading.
A laborer which was during this continues to try to get access agricultural land, it is difficult to get this condition to keep as mentioned before by theory rational choice, That the individual is seen as motivated by a desire or the object that the 'preferences' they. They acted in specific, considering obstacles and information on the basis that they have about conditions in which they act. In a simple, the relationship between preferences and obstacles can be seen in this pure technical of the relations between a tool to achieve.
But it is not the same with preferences for a laborer in the village Ngringo, Preferences, could not be expression because of the unavailability power over life. This action is taken as a political and economic principle that every farmer fully rational. Farmers land owners will be rationale for good short term investment and long-term, both in the form cattle, the land, or these objects owned by an individual. This can be done by selling a surplus of the current account surplus ever seen, and this condition applied for farmers land owners, but rather a laborer who do not have land will marginal as the text that there is a decisive...

Then the land, the public will consider this as a choice is the right time to resolve the problem as well as financial needs for life. Other hand, is theoretically a laborer had delivered his power over source livelihood himself, he thus will be created a new high dependence on living. Meanwhile, Don't work patterns that indicate higher education and prestige to work in the office and companies, is also making it easier for the conversion of land that is owned by farmers land owners as well as a laborer.
Separately, the marginalization is temporary causes a laborer still continued to survive because their preferences is only limited to the environment by local communities. So that there must be a laborer has the ability to calculate the alternative to survive but rather as described in theory rational choice that they have no power over resources livelihood...
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