Margibi Science Students Association

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My name is F. Diafei Giddings. I live in Kakata, Margibi county-Liberia, West Africa. I am the President of the Margibi Science Students Association and a student at the Cuttington University, studying Biology. The students of our county (Margibi) are eager to learn but facilitates are lacking. We are therefore pleased to join your study mode in order to help us adequately prepare for the future of our country (Liberia). Below is brief information about our association. It is my hope that you will consider us on your program. Please Contact us at, or call (+231)880524754. Thanks for your consideration.


In meeting with up to date development, Education in this 21st century requires the usage of modern scientific technology and equipment to practically display theoretical and mathematical plans in the classroom. Science has been used throughout history as significant tools for the improvement of health care, technology, infrastructure development, economic progress and better livelihood. Every advanced economy is based on science, technology and engineering. Science education is not just for scientists: it encourages rational and systematic problem solving by everybody. Margibi is rich in resources for science education; many laboratory exercises can be done at minimal cost with locally available supplies. Our students have energy and talent in science and can direct that talent towards developments if guarded. The Margibi science Students Association will therefore find ways to build the scientific capacity of students, have science career days and career fairs, science and engineering fairs and competitions and among other scientific and academic activities. MARSSA therefore rely on you the citizens of Margibi, government, humanitarian organizations, companies and philanthropists for support in exploring a new Margibi and Liberia in the scientific world. To improve Liberia, we must have a strong root in Science. This can only be done by building the capacities of students that are welling. It is my hope that we all will support the Margibi Science Students Association.

Mr. F. Diafei Giddings, Founder
Cuttington University Junior College

What is MARSSA?
MARSSA is the acronym for the Margibi Science Students Association. It is a non-political organization within Margibi County which is entirely based on science for the advancement of Margibi in technology and development. MARSSA was founded by a student reading Biology from the Cuttington University Junior College named F. Diafei Giddings. When and why was MARSSA established?

MARSSA was established on April 30, 2012.
Several factors led to the establishment of this association. Four of the many reasons that led to the establishment of this association are: 1. Entry point into the Sciences
Many students are desirous of entering the sciences in Margibi and Liberia at large. It is the dream of many parents to see their children become medical doctors, scientists, engineers etc or other great professionals but these big dreams have mostly been done with mistakes as some parents forced their children into a profession not realizing the child’s ability and some students take a career due to ignorance, sympathy or peer pressure. Either way seriously leads to poor performance of the student, drop out of school or other obstacles which might hindrance the student’s progress. Given this, MARSSA was established to serve as a pathway for students into the sciences. MARSSA seeks to propel students that are desirous of doing science courses and create a greater capacity for them and encourage them in the course they have decided to study. 2. Academic excellence

Margibi is a student center, with student from all over Liberia with different worth of experience and technical know-how. The students of Margibi are smart and eager to learn but there are no...
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