Marge Piercy

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Marge Piercy
A lot of authors express their emotions, thoughts and feelings through works of literature. Things they hear and see, as well as own life experiences influence some authors. Marge Piercy, a well-known author, was inspired by the stories her grandmother and mother would tell her throughout her childhood. Piercy was also encouraged by her mother to be observant and to remember what she would observe.

Born on March 31, 1936, in Detroit, Piercy’s family was like many other families in that time, affected by the great depression. Her mother, Bert Bernice Bunnin, born in Philadelphia, had lived also in Pittsburgh and Cleveland; her father Robert Douglas Piercy grew up in a small town in the soft coal mining region of Pennsylvania. They had not been living in Detroit long. Her father, out of work for some time, got a job installing and repairing heavy machinery at Westinghouse. When Piercy was little, they moved into a small house in a working-class neighborhood in Detroit. Piercy credits her mother and grandmother for making her a poet. They would both tell the same stories over and over, but each time they would sound a little different. She also credits her mother’s imagination and encouragement to become a poet. Piercy also read a lot of books when she was younger.

When Marge Piercy grew older and independent she supported herself by having several part time jobs. She was also a part of the civil rights movement and describes that period time as the hardest of her adult life. She felt invisible to the world because society labeled women who were divorced at twenty-three, poor and living off a part time job, a failure. As a writer, she was invisible as well. She would write novels, but nothing would ever be published. Realizing that one of the problems with the novel she was trying to sell was its feminist viewpoint; she consciously...
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